The Dhampil is one of the many results of the disese that became known as vampirism.  Unlike other vampires the Dhampil is not Undead.  A Dhampil is the proginy of another Dhampil.  As long as one of the Dhampil’s parents is a Dhampil he or she will be a Dhampil.  They are a small race in terms of population.  A Dhampil is not in the habit of letting other races know what they are.  A Dhampil looks similar to a human in apperance.  They tend to have dark hair and light skin.  They also have slightly pointed ears.  They also have fangs, but the fangs are small enough to be concealable.  A normal person that looks at a Dhampil will most likely think he or she is human.  A person who has not been trained to look for these traits will not know that the person in question is a Dhampil.  


+1 to Strength

+2 to Dexterity

+1 to Charisma

Damage Reduction 3 / true silver or magic

+2 Racial Bonus to Bluff, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, and Spot

-2 Racial Bonus to Handle Animal

+1 Natural Armor Bonus

Fast Healing-1 HP per round as long as the Dhampil has less than half its HPs but at least 1

Slam Attack-1D6 and it is considered to be magic for the purposes of bypassing Damage Reduction

Blood Lust-A Dhampil does not crave blood in the same manner as a typical vampire, although some Dhampil strive to sate it anyway because of the regenerative properties it possesses.  The only time a Dhampil is truly compelled to drink from the living is when their HP drops to  1/4th or below.  At this point a Dhampil must make a Will save (DC 15).  If it fails it will succumb to its baser instincts and attack the first living creature it sees.  A Dhampil only rolls this check once a day, so if it is dropped below 1/4th again it is not required to roll again.  The Dhampil makes a slam attack and gains Temporary HP in the amount of the damage dealt.  The Temporary HP lasts 1 min per character level.

Sun fatigue- A Dhampil must make a Fort save DC 10+1 per 2 character lvls or suffer from exposure in direct sunlight. The Fort save is only required once a day.

Racial Levels

The Dhampil has many untapped resources he can put to use if he is willing to expore his heritage.  The Dhampil can take levels in Dhampil instead of his class.

Racial Level Chart

Fast Healing 2 – As fast healing 1 but the character heals 2 points

Spell-Like Abilities – The character can cast the following spells 1/day: Darkness, Death Knell, Cat’s Grace, Undetectable Alignment, Swift Invisibility. Caster level 2; save DC 10 + Cha modifier + one half character level.


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