The Nordith are a large mostly nomadic people that live in the northern mountain ranges of Arrik.  The range is called the Grey Frost Mountains by the humans of the area but the Nordith call them the Ma’Shral (our land). They have little interest in the people that “live below them.”  They live simple lives that consist of hunting, trapping, and moving around from place to place.  They live in clans and keep outposts on the edges of their mountains for the purposes of trade.  They are master crafters and their skill as smiths are looked upon with the same respect as dwarfs.  The Chiefs of the Nordith clans also seem to have an understanding of sorts with the leaders of the Kaleric Tower that outsiders don’t really understand.  

The Nordith are looked on for the most part as savage and more then a little frightening by their neighbors.  They are respected for their goods and skill as warriors, but most people don’t take time to learn about them or talk to them if possible.  In reality, the Nordith are a very spiritual people that respect the spirits and their lands.  They also respect those that wield magic for the good and formed an alliance with the Kaleric Tower many generations ago.  They offer their warriors as protection and feel that they are the shield that protects the tower so it can ply its power in peace.  The tower has not been breached since the Nordith made their pact.  The Nordith people as a whole favor classes that make use of their physical strength.  They also follow the paths of spirituality and nature with ease.  

The most noticeable thing about a traveling Nordith besides their shear size is the giant hammer that most of them carry.  The Nordith Hammer is a site to behold.  It starts off as a large piece of metal, usually steel, and is molded and shaped into a rectangular box that ends with low sloped pyramids at the ends.  Then a shaft of reinforced wood is secured into the center of the base.  Each hammer is a custom made weapon for the warrior who commissioned it.  Some hammers are family heirlooms, and have been pasted down for generations.  The deeds of the warrior who wields it are carved into the half and their family lineage is carved into the maul to show the warrior what he or she has done and where he or she came from.  A hammer with no markings means one of two things:  The wielder is young and has forgotten their ancestors or the warrior was banished and given a blank hammer to remind them of their shame.  Both meanings are not very good and usually looked on with pity and disdain from other Nordiths.  


Size:  Medium

Speed:  30 ft

+1 Natural Armor Bonus due to hardened bone formations on the back and upper arms.

+1 Racial Attack Bonus vs. Frost Giants, White Dragons, Frost Worms, and creatures of the wild from cold climates

+2 racial skill bonus to tracking in mountainous regions

+2 to Strength

-2 to Dexterity

+2 racial skill bonus to profession (armor crafting), perform (instrument), intimidate

-2 racial skill bonus to diplomacy and Hide

-2 fire resistance

Powerful Build:  You are able to wield large size weapons and take checks that would benefit from a larger size as a large character.

Weapon Familiarity: Nordiths may treat Nordith Hammers and Nordith Re-curved Bows as martial weapons, rather than exotic weapons.

Armor Familiarity: Nordiths may treat Nordith Plate Mail as martial armor, rather than exotic armor.


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