The Lands of Scorch are located at the extreme northwest corner of Arrik.  They are the home of all manner of evil things including the Black Leaf Forest located in the center of the lands of Scorch.  The forest is imbued with evil taint.  The land surrounding the forest cannot support life and looks as though it was burned in large patches that don’t seem to go away (thus the name).  At the center of the forest there is a castle.  What lives there is a demon, or half-demon to be exact, that lords over an army of hell spawns, tieflings, and demonically ravaged goblinoids and monsters.  This half-demon is immortal, she is a being of great power, and she is beautiful.  She was also once an Onde Hunter.  The ranks of her lieutenants include Vampire lords, Werewolves, Liches, dragons, Necromancers and great warriors.

The Tiefling race is from this region.  They are the result of demonic manipulation on humans through breeding and magic.  They look human for the most part.  Most are born with some obvious demonic characteristics (horns, claws, a tail, scales, a mouth full of pointy teeth, cloven hoofs, or smoldering eyes).  Others are born looking almost human.  These tieflings are harder to identify.  They may have a slight smell of brimstone or eyes that look wrong somehow.  The life of a tiefling is one of servitude to their Queen Master for the most part.  Most tieflings revel in the evil tasks put before them by their Queen Master.  Other tieflings obey to survive.  Some tieflings runaway thinking to find a life were they can be masters of their own destiny.  That destiny turns out to be evil more often then not, but some tieflings strive for greatness in the name of good or at least themselves.  They tend to gravitate to professions and classes that allow them to use their speed, guile, and wit.  They also have a strange beauty that many people find endearing and attractive.  Many humans have made the mistake of devoting themselves to the cause of redeeming them for this reason.  The biggest problem with this course of action is that most tieflings do not feel that anything is wrong with how they live or what they do, but there are always exceptions to any standard.  


Size:  Medium

Speed:  30 ft

2 to Dexterity  2 to Charisma -2 to Wisdom

Resistance to cold, electricity, and fire by 5

+2 racial skill Bonus to Bluff

+2 racial bonus to reflex saves

+2 racial skill bonus to Hide

-2 racial skill Bonus to diplomacy


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